Creating organizational charts of employees belonging to child departments

Groups taxonomy can be used to chart employees belonging to different but connected departments. For example, Robert King belongs to Sales department. Sales is part of Marketing department because Robert King reports to Larry Davido. When you need to chart Marketing department, Sales people will not be included since Sales is a separate department even if it is part of Marketing.

So charting based on the departmental affiliation of employees does not work in this usecase. However, if we assign Sales and Marketing people in the same group such as Group A, create an hierarchy between them by assigning Robert King as Larry Davido’s subordinate then Employee Directory Pro draws the chart.

Please note that Organization charts only display employee manager relationships. For example, if you would like to include Nancy Davolio from IT department in Group A, she or he will not be displayed in Group A organization chart since there is no connection between Nancy and any of Group A employees.

Group A organization chart is created using the following shortcode:

[employee_orgchart filter="tax::groups::is::group-a;"]